Visits of the citadel of Blaye, Bourg and Plassac
 On the right bank of the Gironde, a few kilometres north of Bordeaux, lovers of old stones will discover the citadel of Blaye, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the village of Bourg, the Gallo-Roman villas of Plassac and a prehistoric cave over a distance of 20 km.
Gironde estuary
Getting to know the Gironde estuary, its islands, and vineyards…
Wine tasting
A vineyard region with an amazing character ! The wines are, above all, Bordeaux, but they have their own specific identity and come from a vineyard region that derives its strength and character from the Gironde estuary.
Ornithological park Terres d’Oiseaux
Que fait on avec les enfants ce week-end ? On va au parc ornithologique Terres d'oiseaux à St Ciers sur Gironde pour participer à leurs animations et ateliers : construction d'objets, murder party, ateliers pour les petits, balade en calèche, etc.
Let's take a walk in the wilderness
How about a break ? Far from the tumult of our hectic lives, let's offer ourselves a zen momment in the middle of nature to recharge our batteries, and discover places like no other...